How to make a hallway brighter

A hallway is more than just a transit area. In addition to connecting rooms within the house, it can become a space that contributes to the attractiveness of the whole. Achieving this is sometimes a complex task given the special characteristics of this type of space. Its dimensions are often an obstacle. Brightness is by far the most difficult to overcome. Not surprisingly, how to make a hallway brighter is the question that assails many owners who, on the other hand, have at their disposal a multitude of resources to achieve it.

How to make a hallway brighter

Its functionality is not incompatible with an attractiveness that is sometimes difficult to highlight. It's time to find out how to make a hallway brighter.

One of the basic recommendations of experts in interior design and decoration is to bet on the color white to dress this space of the house. It is no secret that this is the tone that best reflects light (more than 95%). Walls, ceilings and even floors in this shade will make the hallway much brighter.

How to make a hallway brighter

But decoration is not only about colors, and when looking for ways to make a hallway brighter, it is important to pay attention to other aspects. The finishes, for example, can also make a big difference.

Thus, glossy materials, satin and lacquered finishes will be great allies when it comes to gaining luminosity. The same goes for polished surfaces and smooth walls. In other words, if you have to decorate the walls, no stippled or wallpaper that detracts from the brightness of the surface.

ideas to make a hallway brighter

Other undisputed kings to maximize the brightness of any environment are mirrors. Their reflective nature makes them an essential piece to multiply the light in a dark hallway.

Although the idea is not original, the way in which we integrate this piece in the composition can be. A large mirror placed horizontally will provide great results. Although for those looking for something less conventional, placing several pieces of different sizes and shapes is an alternative to consider.

decorating the hallway with mirrors

Physical boundaries are the main enemies of hallway brightness. But putting an end to walls is complicated. One idea that can work to gain light without having to give up the independence of other rooms is to replace the walls with other types of enclosures.

Large windows or glass walls are a good alternative. Although if we do not want to get into works we can also gain in brightness for the hallway by replacing the blind doors with other glazed or even sliding doors.

wall removal

Apart from decorative resources of all kinds, lighting is the best weapon to fight against a dark corridor. The ideal is to promote the entry of natural light. To do this we must minimize the obstacles that can be found in its path, even when the windows correspond to adjoining rooms.

Artificial lighting also plays a key role in answering how to make a corridor brighter. LED strips at floor level or in the ceiling are an increasingly popular trend.

Lighting up the hallway can be as simple as placing a few recessed lights in the ceiling, although it is also worthwhile to emphasize a particular feature of your décor.

aisle lighting

When it comes to optimizing the interior architecture of the corridor to make it brighter, there is nothing like paying attention to the ceiling. Whenever possible, the ceiling provides a resource with ample potential for the entry of natural light.

A skylight or skylight will not only add an element full of personality to this area of the house but, in addition, allowing natural light to enter will also help to save energy during the day.

hallway furniture

Along with walls and ceilings, floors can also make their own particular contribution to making a hallway brighter. Again, the key is to go for light colors that, as in the case of the walls, are the ones that best reflect light. Of course, do not forget the baseboards, painted to match the walls and floor will help not only to improve the brightness but also the feeling of spaciousness.

luminous corridors

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