Ideas for setting up a home gym

Every day more and more people are concerned about their health and physical appearance. One of the disadvantages of going to the gym is the laziness of commuting, especially if we arrive tired from work or it is too cold or hot. For that reason, allocating a room in the house, if we can, to set up a small gym at home that fits our budget is a great idea.

Ideas for setting up a home gym

Take note of these ideas to set up a home gym.

Having a gym at home does not have to mean a great economic outlay in expensive and complex machines. To get started, you just need some comfortable mats, mats, weights of different weights and a good stereo or player with speakers to motivate and encourage us while we exercise.

Depending on what everyone wants to spend, we can add elements. Starting with small step machines that do not exceed 80 euros, giant rubber balls to practice Pilates, medicine balls or elastic bands for stretching.

If we have saved some money and we want to invest, the treadmill becomes, together with the exercise bike, the star and essential machines because with them you practice cardiovascular exercise, one of the healthiest and most effective when it comes to losing weight. The elliptical machine or the spinning bike are other options, but they are more special and expensive.

If exercise is already an obsession for you and you dedicate a lot of time to it, you can invest your money in other types of machines, since this way you will end up financing your own gym and you won't have to pay a high monthly fee to other gyms. Strength or toning equipment is the next step, with machines such as bench presses or quadriceps extension. The elements of your gym will depend on your preferences, needs, available space and budget.

Speaking of space, you should keep in mind that the market already offers folding machines or in reduced size that take up much less space. The same goes for the cost of the machinery, as you will find prices for all budgets. However, it may be worth it to spend a little more and buy a quality product, since our own health and safety are at stake.

In terms of decoration, it is important to have adequate lighting, neither too strong nor too soft, which can be regulated according to the activity we are going to practice, because if we want to practice a little yoga or pilates we need a suitable setting that facilitates relaxation, while if we want to dance a little zumba or spend two hours running and sweating, it will be better to have powerful lighting that wakes us up and alters our energy.

Do not install a gym in rooms without windows or proper ventilation, because when we sweat or submit the body to an intense effort, the temperature and air conditioning must be adequate. Neither too cold, since sweating lowers our defenses and we can get sick, nor too hot, since we can even faint.

Finally, choose decorative accessories that do not obstruct traffic or activities. The wall is the ideal place to add some kind of decoration. A large clock is almost essential to control the time of exercise as well as a poster of our perfect body prototype that we would like to achieve, so we can motivate us even more.

A television, even a small one, will help make exercise time more enjoyable. The installation of mirrors is your choice, but keep in mind that looking at yourself can become an obsession, although it is true that in entertainment activities, such as dance or aerobics, it is better to observe your coordination and progress.

Now you have no excuse not to exercise by installing a home gym.

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