Small trees to brighten up the garden

Those of us who have to make do with small gardens or patios, which is enough nowadays, do not have to give up having trees in them. We have the false idea in our heads that small trees do not exist. However, there are trees that grow well in pots and have a smaller height and a moderate diameter. These species would be suitable for small plant spaces. However, we are not talking about trees for terraces or balconies, let's be realistic.

Small trees to brighten up the garden

Having a garden with small trees and beautiful flowers is easier than you think.

To begin with, what is called a small tree? The species cannot exceed 6.5 meters in height or 3 or 4 meters in diameter. In this sense, a first idea in the category of flowering trees for the garden is the mimosa. There are many varieties, but in general any can be useful. They are garden trees that are usually planted in pots, but sometimes they grow up to 12 meters. You will have to make sure that the specimen you buy is shrub size, not Acacia dealbata.

small tree

It is an evergreen tree that has an abundant and spectacular golden yellow bloom between late winter and early spring. It is a highly ornamental tree whose flowers smell wonderful. Its uses in natural medicine and cosmetics range from anti-inflammatory applications to its use in soaps.

What tree to put in my garden? Magnolia, cow's foot or Chinese rose are excellent choices.

Another garden tree that does not reach an inordinate height is the magnolia tree. But be careful, we are not talking about the Magnolia grandiflora or common Magnolia, which reaches 25 meters in height. There are more suitable types, such as Magnolia x soulangeana or Magnolia stellata, which barely reach four or five meters. The problem is that both are deciduous.

trees for small gardens

Among the most suitable garden trees when space is limited we have the cow's foot or ox hoof (Bauhinia forficata). It owes its name to the shape of its leaves. It does not usually exceed 5 meters in height and has beautiful white flowers similar to orchids.

trees with white flowers

For its part, the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, better known as the China rose, is a garden tree that can be grown in pots or containers and does not exceed 4 meters in height. You should keep in mind that it does not tolerate the cold and usually blooms almost all year round with very vivid yellow, red or pink flowers.

trees for small gardens

Do you like pink flowers? These three trees for small gardens are perfect for you.

Among the deciduous trees with pink flowers, the tree of love stands out. The Cercis siliquastrum is also called the Judas tree because it is believed that it was in this species that the apostle took his life. In addition to its small size, it reaches an incredible beauty in spring when it blooms, acquiring a very beautiful pink appearance.

small trees with pink flowers

It also has delicate flowers in shades ranging from white to deep red to pale pink is the Japanese apricot. It is undoubtedly one of the most prized garden trees. Prunus mume is striking for the beauty of its canopy in late winter. Not to be confused with the Japanese cherry or Prunus salicina, whose five-petaled flowers are white. Both species do not exceed 8 meters in height.

The crepe also has beautiful pink flowers. According to the scientific name of Lagerstroemia indica, it is a very ornamental tree. It is not only admired for its pink foliage, but also for the beauty of its trunk. It is deciduous and does not exceed 6 meters in height. Other names by which it is known are espumilla, Jupiter tree or lilac of the Indies.

flowering trees for a small garden

Choose garden trees according to the area you have. Only in this way they will grow without space problems.

It is very important that, if after a few years the growth of any of the trees in your garden is greater than you expected, you have the option to take it to a more generous area. Remember that it is always better to foresee the maximum growth of a species before buying it, according to the size of our garden, do not forget it.

what small tree to put in my garden

In this sense, the Japanese maple or Acer palmatum is a tree suitable for small gardens because of the narrowness of its trunk and its height, which does not reach more than 7 or 8 meters. It requires shade and abundant watering in summer.

trees that look good in small gardens

The linden is also a good alternative. Syringa vulgaris is more of a deciduous shrub that is usually between 2 and 4 meters high, although it can reach 7. It has a very thin trunk, so it is grown in narrow sidewalk gardens. The pleasant aroma of its abundant lilac or mauve flowers is absolutely intoxicating.

We close the article with a suggestion that will delight the Madrilenians. The strawberry tree or Arbutus unedo is well known by the inhabitants of the capital of Spain. This large shrub or sapling does not exceed 8 meters in height and acquires its best appearance when its fruits ripen acquiring a red color. It is very suitable for Mediterranean gardens and its fruits are used to make a delicious liqueur.

Do you have any small trees in your garden? Tell us which species you have planted in your green corner.

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