10 Christmas flowers

Christmas is not only in the decorations on the Christmas Eve table or in those we hang on the tree or on the fireplace mantel. It is also present in the brightness that flowers transmit. Turning a plant arrangement into the star of the holidays is easy if you opt for certain species.

10 Christmas flowers

The more traditional ones are joined by a whole alternative floral universe whose colors and aromas combine perfectly with that special atmosphere that envelops the home during this time of the year. From the typical Christmas tones, such as red and white, to violet and yellow shades and gradients. Take note of these suggestions.

10 Christmas floral centerpieces

Poinsettia - Poinsettia comes home for Christmas. Euphorbia pulcherrima is the quintessential Christmas houseplant. It is the most conservative option, but it does not lose an ounce of beauty. In addition to the usual red, it is also available in white, lending itself to wonderful combinations.

Christmas Cactus - Known scientifically as Schlumbergera truncata, its flowers are displayed in winter with incredible splendor. They come in a variety of colors, but it is the red and purple ones that contribute to the joyous atmosphere that defines this holiday season.

Christmas Rose - The black hellebore (Helleborus niger) is another characteristic flower when December arrives. Folklore says that it sprouted from the tears of a girl who had no present with which to adore the baby Jesus. Beyond the legend, its ornamental capacity is not in doubt.

Gentleman's star - This bulbous plant has striking, variegated flowers that emerge with winter. There is an ideal cultivar for this time of year called Hippeastrum 'Merry Christmas', a bright red that is perfect for interior decorating.

Cyclamen - Its many varieties have one common element: its high resistance to low temperatures. As if by a miracle, it is born from the snow itself. Cyclamen hederifolium is probably the best known. Its soft pink tones will bring a chic air to Christmas.

Echeveria - Its rosette shape is its characteristic sign. There are many varieties of this succulent plant, with the palette of greens being the predominant palette of its leaves. It is best to mix and match. Try the simplicity of Echeveria elegans and the purple tones of the cultivar 'Brown Sugar'.

Clematis - The genus Clematis is very broad and includes extremely showy flowers. Clematis cirrhosa, commonly known as squirrel's tail or mistletoe, is very popular. Among its varieties, 'Freckles' has a very special mottling that will give personality to any environment.

Iris unguicularis - Iris unguicularis is a flower with an astonishingly intense violet color and an intoxicating perfume. It is relatively easy to grow, which is helped by its resistance to pests. Choose the variety 'Mary Barnard' to fill your home with elegance this season.

Snowdrop - The white flowers are perfect for welcoming the cold winter. Galanthus nivalis will please you because it faces the cold by emerging from the snow itself. Very common in forests, it is also at ease indoors as long as certain humidity levels are respected.

Narcissus - Another flower with an extensive family. One of its most famous "cousins" is the Narcissus papyraceus, of an immaculate white. Its presence, in addition to decorate the rooms, is linked to good luck, since in China this flower is received with the new year.

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