How your children can help you with plant care

Nature plays a very interesting role in interior design and decoration. In fact, it is no secret that having a garden or terrace full of flowers is a real gift. But to make it look at its best, you need to devote some attention to it and your children can help you with the care of the plants.

How your children can help you with plant care

Getting your children to help you with plant care is not only a way to educate them about caring for the environment. It is also a perfect idea to spend time as a family.

Involving them in the task is not only advisable from the point of view of effort. It is always better shared. It is also a way to teach them respect for the environment and many other values related to nature.

Depending on their age, you can assign them more or less complicated tasks. However, there is nothing like starting by assigning them their own plant to make them participate in the care of your garden, whatever its size.

children and plants

Patience does not usually go too well with the little ones in the house. Therefore, one of the things to keep in mind if you want your children to help you with the care of plants is which varieties you choose.

Until you test their proficiency in environmental tasks, it's best to go for hardy, easy-to-grow, fast-growing plants. This way you run less risk of them getting bored. If they also have flowers, it will be easier to capture their attention. Sansevieria, ribbons, geraniums or petunias are interesting ideas to start with.

outdoor plants

Before you start asking the question, you have to answer another question: how much do they know about it? They don't have to be experts. However, introducing them to the world of gardening is the perfect time to let them in on some of its secrets.

The importance of light, water, soil or which are the best seasons for each planting are basic concepts. Try to teach them in a fun way. Play is the best way to engage them in their new responsibilities.

family planting

Depending on their age, your children will be more or less prepared to assume some or other tasks. But if there is one that everyone loves, it is watering.

Organize the watering schedule and explain to them how to do it. This will minimize the chances of damaging your plants by over or under watering.

If you have small children, buying them their own watering can will help them feel part of the gardening team. Other tools are a must: shovel, rake, gloves...

watering with children

In addition to planting or watering, your children can also help you with other plant care, always adapting each task to their age. Among the most fun is the task of transplanting those species that require more space, although your children can also help you prune the climbers in the garden that threaten to get out of control.

caring for plants with children

Making plant care fun for them is key to making your kids want to help. To engage their curiosity, start with simple things. Crafts are often great allies.

From growing grass in an eggshell as a planter, to creating characters to cut hair out of old socks, to customizing planters, there are many ways to get their attention.

children's crafts with plants

Urban gardens are in fashion. We are increasingly committed to the circular economy and that implies the search for local products. But having space on the terrace or in the garden opens up a universe of possibilities.

Some tomato plants, some bell pepper plants, cucumbers, eggplants.... Your little ones will feel like real gardeners having their own vegetable garden at home. They can not only help you with planting or watering, but also with harvesting when the time comes.

small gardeners

Getting your children to help you with the care of plants will be synonymous with orchards or gardens in perfect condition. But not only that. Doing these activities as a family is a way to share quality time with your children. An endearing way to teach them values while doing something different together.

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