Shade Trees: Your favorite summer spot

The warmth of the sun is nice, but sometimes we prefer to enjoy a little coolness. If it is in our garden, all the better. We can put umbrellas or awnings, but if we want something more natural that at the same time decorates our garden and integrates with the environment, we will opt for plant species. There are many trees that provide shade. Now that summer is coming, we have to protect our house from the sun's rays, and what better alternative than choosing a shade tree to shelter under. If you are not sure what species to put, you can choose from a wide variety of leafy trees like the ones we show you below.

Shade Trees: Your favorite summer spot

Large trees ideal for summer shelter. Australian pine, mulberry and jacaranda are perfect shade trees for the garden.

In many parts of the world the Australian pine or Casuarina equisetifolia is used as a forest windbreak. It is also very suitable for reforestation. It can reach a height of 20 to 30 meters, although its leaves are thin of evergreen character, are huge branches end up giving an abundant resting place. It is a wide canopy tree under which you will feel protected.

shade trees in the garden

The huge leaves of the mulberry tree or Morus alba are a favorite of silkworms, so unless you have an infestation of them in your garden, they will be a perfect specimen to appease the heat in your garden.

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Besides having a beautiful color, the jacaranda or Jacaranda mimosifolia has a very wide and leafy crown. Even when the purple leaves wither, it will leave a spectacular effect in your garden. Not only is it on the list of ideal house trees, but it is also tremendously decorative.

garden trees for shade

Among the best shade trees are ash, elm, poplar and horse chestnut. Some are typical park trees, but with space they can be home trees.

To have an ash tree or Fraxinus in the garden, without a doubt, you will have to leave space for this species to develop, because as it gets older you will be able to lie down under its canopy to enjoy the coolness.

types of shade trees

You can also decide on the elm or Ulmus. It is a deciduous shade tree that can reach a great height. It will be great for shading even the roof of a house or villa. It is among the most chosen trees for the front of the house.

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Among the trees with slender trunks we find the poplar (Populus). In spite of having a thin trunk, they can be very tall and have an elongated crown that can also cast an oblique shadow over the house.

The horse chestnut or Aesculus hippocastanum is one of the best large trees for planting that you can choose. It has an incredible beauty and wonderful freshness, and its leaves are also very beautiful.

the best shade trees

When you have a large garden it is important to get large trees to plant. If they are trees that provide a lot of shade such as maple, tree of paradise or orange, you will be right.

The maple or Acer rubrum in all its varieties is a tree that gives shade and beautifies your plot. Its leaves are very broad and lobed. They bloom in late winter or early spring, however, be careful because they also attract many insects.

natural decorative trees

The tree of paradise or Elaeagnus angustifolia is a species that is usually small, but ideal for a plot in a private villa. It is the tree that was found in the Garden of Eden. Would you like to be tempted?

trees that grow fast and provide shade

The orange tree or Citrus × sinensis is a species of fruit tree with a large, round, pyramidal crown. In addition, its leaves are oval and measure between 7 to 10 cm. They have a medium size and can reach 3 to 5 meters in height.

fruit trees

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