May flowers

We all know that May is the month of flowers. Spring brings us the sun and some rain, which helps the plants to bloom and shine in all their splendor. In this post you will see my 10 favorite flowers.

May flowers

10 flowers you will see in May

Yellow wallflower: plant it in the sun and water it abundantly. Choose a place sheltered from the wind.

Alheli yellow

Poppy: grows wild in the countryside and parks. Despite its fragile appearance it is very resistant.


Banderilla: plant it in a warm place and transplant it twice before installing it definitively in a bed enriched with mulch.

Banderillas or red sage

Marigold: plant it when temperatures have warmed up, throwing 3 or 4 grains per hole.


Bellflower: if you live in a warm climate, you will do wonderfully. Remove the old flowers to allow the new ones to come out and prevent the proliferation of fungus.


Poet's carnation: perfect for decorating rockeries. Although it needs little watering, it must be regular.

Poet's carnation

Scabiosa: prune its stems at the height of the first node after flowering to give another one.


Gentleman's spurge - a very beautiful but very demanding flower. It does not like the wind and must be planted in a soil with great depth.

Gentlemen's spurs

Gentian: perfect for rocky or alpine gardens.


Forget-me-nots. Its five petals have a diameter of one centimeter and grow at the ends of the stems. Although they are native to New Zealand, among the 50 species that exist, there are two European ones.


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