The fresh touch of eucalyptus leaves and Adam's Ribs

If you pay a little attention in the design of restaurants and cafes, or in decorating magazines, you will see that vases with leaves are increasingly present. And mainly based on eucalyptus leaves and Adam's Ribs (Monstera Deliciosa).

The fresh touch of eucalyptus leaves and Adam's Ribs

Today we will see examples of these two varieties and see how well they look in a vase to decorate a console, a side table, a tray placed on the coffee table or even on the floor itself with a vase of XL dimensions.

In both options we can choose to use a couple of branches in a small vase to give a touch of color and freshness to the space or, if we like to give much more presence to the plants, opt for a good bouquet capable of catching the eye.

As these are two very different sheets, both in shape and color, we are going to look at them separately. You can see how difficult it is to choose one of the two ;)


Surely you all think of the narrow, elongated leaf when someone mentions eucalyptus. However, what is a trend in decoration is the small and rounded leaf version. You may have seen them before accompanying a bouquet of flowers, but what is in vogue now is their individual use.

They look perfect in glass vases (the most used) as well as in ceramic vases, jugs or demijohns. In addition, they match with almost all decorative styles.

Adam's Rib

Unlike the previous one, this leaf is large, deep green, characterized by its split shape, as if it were ribs. Its stem is also large and thick and with just a couple of leaves we can decorate a vase.

Being of a large size their presence is quite striking, so the feeling of green is more than assured. This type of leaves can be used in country, contemporary and tropical styles.

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