Ideas for decorating the kitchen with plants

When decorating the kitchen there are many resources to mitigate the homogeneity of the furniture and give life to this room. The most common is to decorate the walls with shelves, jars, boxes or chalkboard paint.

Ideas for decorating the kitchen with plants

However, a much more original option is to decorate with plants. Whether they are small jars of aromatic plants, simple hanging pots, vases with flowers or plant murals, they are commonly used options and bring a lot of naturalness to the environment. Let's see some of these options in detail.

Vintage Style

Vintage style kitchens, so fashionable nowadays thanks to the rise of handmade or DIY, are perfect for the incorporation of plants of various types. The ones that work best in this case are small country-style plants, such as lavender, daisies or thyme, with the advantage that many of them bring aroma to the kitchen and absorb the odors that may be produced.


In addition, in the vintage style, totally opposed to the minimalist "less is more", there is a tendency to place more than one pot and more than one type of plant, scattering multiple vegetable brushstrokes throughout the kitchen. On the countertop, on top of a shelf or tucked in tea boxes, any location is interesting; the important thing is that they are perceived in different places.


Wall Plants

If you want to make the most of the wall or the front of your kitchen there are many practical and decorative options: you can put the plants in wooden boxes, place them on shelves or create your own small plant mural.

If you opt for the boxes, you can also consider creating your own urban garden by growing different spices in each one.


You can also decorate the kitchen in a very original way by placing small plants in old glass jars used for yogurt (or something similar) and hang them on the wall with small hooks.


Hanging plants

Another very curious and decorative option is to make them descend vertically by placing them on shelves or hanging shelves, which provides a feeling of lightness and unparalleled originality.


Another option is to use modules and shelves suspended from the ceiling and let the plants hang down from them.


And if you want to decorate the kitchen with plants in a very different way, try hanging them upside down, an option that has been widely used in the design of premises and has ended up being transferred to homes.


Low cost solutions

Creativity to the power! If we do not have much budget, with a little imagination we will find low cost solutions available to anyone, such as the use of pallets as planters or metal gutters as improvised pots hanging from a wall in chalkboard paint.


Another very decorative option is to take any kitchen jar, some leftover boards from a fruit and vegetable box and hook the jars to the boards, either vertically or, more interestingly, diagonally.


More inspiration...

Glass balls, metal mesh, small ladders as original shelves... As you will see, there are many options for using plants to decorate the kitchen.

From the smallest aromatic plant to the most modern designs, in which real trees are used in the middle of the room as room dividers, the presence of plants helps to give a lot of life and joy to this room, so if you spend time in it, do not hesitate, put a couple of plants in your kitchen and enjoy it to the fullest!











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