Modern rocking chairs for a relaxing siesta

Oh, the rocking chair! It is enough to mention its name to evoke in our minds images of relaxation and tender childhood, usually associated with that corner where grandma crocheted when we were little while she told us stories.

Modern rocking chairs for a relaxing siesta

The rocking chair as a piece of furniture, that kind of chair with feet joined by curved lower slats that allow rocking back and forth, is not exactly a recent object.

Although its origins are somewhat diffuse, it is said to come from 18th century England, although it was not until the following century that it began to be mass-produced in New York, especially in the workshop of Duncan Phyfe, one of the first to introduce the Empire style.

Although it has always been associated with elderly people and somewhat antique interiors, the truth is that today there are numerous examples of modern rocking chairs in different styles that will delight both friends and strangers.

The rocking chair will never go out of fashion, as it is one of the most comfortable and convenient pieces of furniture in existence, thanks to the fact that its seat is located in a position where the user's center of gravity is aligned with the points of contact with the floor, thus limiting the effort required for rocking.

Modern rocking chairs look especially good as a sofa chair in Nordic style living rooms. They are also ideal for a reading corner or to place next to the window and contemplate the landscape mystically.

Of course, and now that the summer heat begins and we need air to clear our heads, the porch or the garden are great options to place a rocking chair. In fact, there is no American movie in which there is a porch that does not have a good rocking chair or rocking chair ;-)

As for materials, we find them for all tastes...

Indoor rocking chairs are usually made of wood, with upholstered seats and backs for greater comfort. Outdoor rocking chairs, on the other hand, have finishes resistant to rain or air, mainly plastic materials, wicker or rattan, and are usually not upholstered.

And with regard to formats, there are all kinds of options when it comes to choosing modern rocking chairs.

Most commonly, they have arms and high backrest for comfortable rocking...

Although there are also some without arms for a lighter look...

There are rounded ones, which support the body, and there are more rectilinear ones (less comfortable but designed to act almost as a sculptural object).

We can also find modern rocking chairs that imitate the classic format and others that play with more modern shapes, such as hanging rocking chairs that rock from above.

In short, a whole world of modern rocking chairs for all styles, personalities and types of napping! We leave you with a selection to inspire you, enjoy!

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