Follow these tips for planting roses in your garden

Their aroma is unmistakable, as are the softness of their petals or the subtlety of their thorns. Roses are the kind of plants that, whether we like it or not, arouse a special attraction. Perhaps for that reason, their flowers are among the most sold, not in vain, they have an ornamental character that is hard to resist. Growing them at home is relatively simple. To do so, it is not a bad idea to put into practice certain tips for planting roses that will practically guarantee a healthy and strong growth.

Follow these tips for planting roses in your garden

They are one of the most demanded and resistant ornamental flowers for the garden. Following a few simple tips for planting roses you can enjoy them in your home without many complications

To begin with it is important to consider what is the best time to plant a rose bush. Experts make a distinction depending on the plants themselves. If you opt for a bare-root rose bush, the ideal time is in autumn (between October and March), while if you opt for roses with root ball or in pots, any time can be good as long as you avoid flowering and the months of frost.

tips for planting roses

Another key aspect to keep in mind is where to plant your roses. It is a species that needs space to grow so, whenever possible, avoid placing them near other plants and even other roses. Otherwise, they may compete for nutrients.

It is also important that you choose a sunny space. Keep in mind that for roses to develop in all their splendor they need an average of six hours of sun a day. If, in addition, they receive some wind, the combination will be perfect.

tips for planting roses

The experts in gardening know well that among the most basic tips for planting roses can not miss the technique. What is known as "mulching" is nothing more or less than placing a layer of organic matter in the place where you are going to plant it, which will protect the roots.

Straw, leaves, bark... Any of these materials can be used to keep the soil at a constant temperature in a natural way. In fact, they will eventually decompose and become compost for your rose bushes.

how to plant roses in the garden

Roses are plants that can grow healthy and strong both at ground level and in pots, although it is necessary to take care of aspects such as soil quality, watering and pruning.

The quality of the soil will be decisive for your roses to grow vigorously. It is important that the soil in question is well drained as this type of plant is susceptible to attack by certain types of fungi and is not very fond of waterlogged soil. A sandy soil can be ideal although if this is not the case in your garden, you can always improve it by mixing it with some sand or peat.

where to plant roses in the garden

Watering is another determining aspect for the development of your plants in general and your rose bushes in particular. It is important to keep in mind that it is the roots that must be kept well hydrated. If you water the leaves too much, they could get sick and jeopardize the health of your rose bush.

Since it is a deep-rooted plant, water abundantly but without waterlogging the soil and better in the early morning.

rose care

Enjoying healthy and strong roses throughout the year is something that goes beyond planting. Therefore, another tip for planting roses and keeping them in perfect condition is to pay attention to pruning.

Ideally, this should be done when winter temperatures begin to ease so as to stimulate the growth of new stems and flowers with the arrival of spring.  Be sure to remove faded flowers and leaves so that they don't needlessly sap the energy of your roses.

rose maintenance

In addition to the basic care, it is not superfluous to pamper one of the most flirtatious plants in your garden. In this sense you can provide some extra nutrients in the form of fertilizers and specific fertilizers, either to dissolve in water or slow release.

Organic compounds are especially beneficial during the flowering season. In fact, some people use tea as a natural fertilizer because its tannic acid stimulates the growth of roses.

tips for planting roses at home

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