Bathroom accessories for all tastes

In a bathroom, sanitary ware is as important as accessories, since they tend to transform the space, as well as provide it with functionality.

Bathroom accessories for all tastes

Therefore, it is very important that we know how to choose our bathroom accessories well and that they are chosen in line with the design and style of the room.

So what are the must-have bathroom accessories?

To make a good classification of this type of accessories, we must base ourselves on their functionality, on the purpose for which they have been created.

Following this pattern we could say that the indispensable accessories in any bathroom are towel racks, toilet roll holders, toilet brushes, soap dishes and toothbrush holders. And, in second place, shelves and hangers.

Let's take a look at each of them and the multiple possibilities they have!

Towel racks

Perhaps the most indispensable bathroom accessory of all is the towel rack. Who can imagine today's bathroom without a towel or leaving it anywhere?

During the day, what we do most when we enter the bathroom is to wash our hands, so we will have to have a good place to place our towel, taking into account that it is comfortable and accessible.

There are many types of towel racks, among which we can highlight the linear towel racks (a classic), which can be wall-mounted or in the washbasin cabinet.

bathroom accessory for towels

If instead we want to give a more original touch to our bathroom, we can opt for a towel stand.

ladder bathroom fixture

And if the problem is that you have too many towels or you do not know where to place the towel rack, we can get the so-called storage towel racks, where we can store the towels of the whole family or some reserve towels that we are not using yet.

bathroom accessory for towels

bathroom accessory for storage

Roll holder

Normally the roll holder is undervalued and sometimes we do not give it the importance it deserves.

In fact, many bathrooms do not have this accessory or do not use it at all, leaving the roll anywhere (for example, on the toilet cistern, a classic).

However, it is a piece that can be used to great advantage and can be very decorative.

The most basic roll holders consist of a bar that holds the roll (with or without a cover so that the paper is not visible). Purely functional.

roll holders

For a more chic look we can choose them in black, very fashionable in bathroom faucets, or with fine and subtle shapes.

black roll holder

And if we want to give it a different touch, we can play with them, turning the metal bar into another element, such as ropes or wood.

original roll holder

On the other hand, the more daring or adventurous can opt for a risky design, where the support is a totally different element out of context.

different bathroom accessories


The toilet brushes usually go either with the toilet roll holder (or at least in harmony with it) or with the washbasin accessories.

Taking this premise into account, the most common is to opt for minimalist design wiper blades (either floor or wall-mounted), which are the most common.

minimalist toilet brushes

If, on the other hand, our bathroom has a classic style, with a bathtub free of organic shapes or champagne-colored faucets, we should opt for brushes that do not clash (usually with gold or wood finishes).

classic toilet brushes

Finally, if that is our purpose, we can also opt for a risky and fun design, especially suitable for children's bathrooms.

children's toilet brushes

Soap dishes

Liquid soap or bar of soap?  Whatever you are, there is a solution for all tastes.

We are used to having the soap dish on the sink countertop, and this is a very common solution because it is functional and practical (the soap is very close at hand).

bath accessory for soap

However, if we want our bathroom to stand out, we can choose original soap dishes, such as those that are attached to the wall.

bathroom soap accessories

If our bathroom is in boho style, we can also choose to give it a touch in the material, either with texture or color.

boho style soap dishes for the bathroom

If we are fans of liquid soap, we also have similar options.

The most common is to leave the soap dispenser on the sink countertop:

bath accessory for soap

If, on the other hand, we want to free up space on the countertop, we can put the soap dish anchored to the wall (some of these accessories are adhesive in case you do not want to drill, although they are not suitable for all surfaces and have to be very good so that they do not peel off over time).

wall-mounted soap dishes

Finally, depending on the decorative style we have in our bathroom, we can choose soap dishes of different shapes (square, round or irregular) or of different materials (plastic, ceramic, metal or glass).

soap dishes made of different materials

Toothbrush holder

If the toilet brush is usually matched with the toilet roll holder, the toothbrush holder has to match the soap dispenser, as they are two elements that always go together.

If our bathroom is contemporary, we can opt for simple toothbrush holders, where function is more important than form, whether cylindrical or cubic.

simple toothbrush holders

To add a chic touch, we can also opt for toothbrush holders that combine two materials, one of them metallic (especially in gold or champagne tones following the current trend).

Toothbrush bathroom accessory

On the other hand, if our bathroom is more daring or, again, we have a little one at home with its own bathroom, we can opt for animal-shaped toothbrush-holding cups.

toothbrush holder for a children's bathroom


Although they are not 100% essential, hangers are the best way to hang a bath towel and the best way to hang a towel when getting out of the shower.

The hangers or hooks are a very practical solution that takes up very little space, ideal for small bathrooms, although aesthetically they have the disadvantage that the towels fall "wrinkled", instead of well folded as in the bar towel racks.

bathroom towel hangers

bathroom accessory for towel hanging

On the other hand, they are the perfect solution (and also the only one) when we dry ourselves with a bathrobe, since these cannot be placed on a conventional towel rack (an aesthetic tip for these cases is to hang it from a closet hanger that in turn hangs from the hook).


All bathroom accessories are as important as the order they have. And shelves are the best way to organize them.

They help us to collect, in very little space, a large number of accessories and bathroom elements.

shelves as bathroom accessories

We can place them on all the walls of the bathroom, either outside or inside the shower, and if we have to reform a bathroom and we design it before starting the work, we can include them in it by means of niches.

shelves integrated into the bathroom wall

If this is not possible, we can always place our exposed shelves a posteriori.

bathroom organizers

As we can see, there are thousands of types of bathroom accessories to achieve a design to suit your taste.

And in case you need a little more inspiration, here are a few more tips to achieve the perfect bathroom with a couple of details.

bathroom accessories

accessories to organize the bathroom

bathroom shelves

bathroom hanger

wooden bathroom accessories

bathroom hangers

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