Decoration for a double bedroom

Bedrooms are one of the most personal rooms in the house. Ideally, they should be designed to the taste of the person who inhabits it, but what rules should be followed to achieve the best decoration for a double bedroom?

Decoration for a double bedroom

In a single bedroom, matching a person's taste is easy, but in a double bedroom there are two that come into play.

Both partners must feel comfortable and for this it is very important to reach an agreement on certain aspects, especially in terms of style, colors and type of furniture.

Everything has an influence when it comes to creating a good atmosphere and, as it is an area intended for rest, we must ensure that it helps us to relax and sleep peacefully.

The keys to decorate a double bedroom

Let's get to work! We review all the keys to decorating a double bedroom.


Color in a double bedroom is essential. It can be in the bedding, in the headboard or in the furniture but the one that has more presence is the one of the walls, since these are the ones that surround the whole room and that mark the atmosphere.

Although there are many options, the most advisable in this case is to choose light colors for the decoration of the master bedroom, as they bring more stability and serenity.

decoration of the walls of the double bedroom

White is a good choice for decorating the double bedroom; a color that does not go out of fashion and does not tire the eye (if you want to give it some color you can add it later in the accessories, in the cushions or in the bed plaid).

white walls for the decoration of the double bedroom

On the other hand, if you are looking for light colors but find white too neutral, you can always opt for pastel shades, especially in the range of beiges (warm), greens (relaxing) or pale pink.

warm colors for the decoration of a double bedroom

pastel shades on walls

The counterpoint is taken by dark or very bright colors, although they are not usually among the most prominent for a double bedroom, as they can be tiring to the eye or generate anxiety in some people.

However, some couples dare with them, so if that is your case, you should only observe if the bedroom has a decent size, as these types of colors dwarf the room.

decoration of a double bedroom with dark walls

bright colors for the decoration of a double bedroom

The headboard

Normally in a well laid out double bedroom, the headboard area will be the first one we find when we enter, since the aesthetic in a bedroom is to find the bed on the wall opposite the entrance.

So the headboard is probably the most striking piece of furniture in a master bedroom.

It is true that there are rooms where it is not even put, acting in this case the wall itself as a headboard. In these cases the best thing is that this is something different from the rest, either by painting, with wallpaper or with some other texture (for example, concrete type).

decoration of a double bedroom without headboards

However, it is usual that there is a headboard to support the head when we are sitting, reading or just sleeping.

In these cases, the headboard is usually made of natural wood, lacquered MDF or upholstered. The latter are more comfortable and pleasant to support both the back if we are sitting on the bed, as well as the head.

upholstered headboards

The most common is to acquire this type of headboards in the many decoration stores that exist in the market, being the most common height of 120cm, although there are also 1m and 130cm.

However, if we want something original, it is best to have them made to measure.

custom upholstered headboards

Bedside tables and chests of drawers

When decorating the master bedroom, auxiliary furniture, such as bedside tables or chests of drawers, should accompany the rest of the decoration and be integrated into the room.

Chests of drawers and bedside tables usually go unnoticed, putting the focus on the headboard and bedding.

In this sense, if you are looking for a comfortable, balanced and harmonious bedroom, undoubtedly the best option is that the furniture combines or mimics the color of the wall.

furniture that blends in with the wall

If you also choose them in white, wood or light colors, the bedroom will gain in cleanliness and brightness. This type of tones are also ideal for bedrooms in Nordic style.

example of decoration of a Nordic-style double bedroom

nordic decoration for the double bedroom

On the contrary, if the furniture breaks with the atmosphere created on the walls or are furniture that are overloaded with decoration, it will make you feel enclosed.

You will not feel totally comfortable and free in your room, so it will be more difficult for you to get a good night's rest. 

The bed

The choice of the bed base and mattress should be the most weighed when decorating your bedroom, since you will spend most of the time in it and it is very important that you choose both things to suit your needs to achieve a good rest.

If you have doubts on this point, you can consult our post on types of mattresses in which we analyze in more detail the different types, advantages and disadvantages.

decoration of a double bedroom with a sofa bed

Regarding the bed base, if you have storage needs, you can opt for a front-opening canapé bed that will serve as a "fourth closet" to store comforters, sheets or even seasonal shoes stored in their boxes.

However, in this case, we recommend that you put the bedding on the outside so that it covers the sofa (as they are usually bulky and do not look good) and that the mattress is not too high to compensate for the height of the sofa.

On the other hand, if you have enough storage space, a bed frame with a built-in headboard or a raised bed base will give more lightness to the room.

beds with box spring for double room


In the decoration of a double bedroom, textiles play a fundamental role. Here we can include the bed linen (fitted sheet, top sheet, comforter and pillowcases), the cushions or pillows that will go on the headboard, the bedspread or plaid, carpets and curtains or blinds.

In general, to avoid making a mistake, it is best that carpets and curtains are in plain and neutral tones (white, ecru or beige) and that the color is in cushions, bedspreads and plaids.

A very common option is to place several neutral cushions and two more brightly colored cushions to match the plaid.

Another option is to use white sheets and pillows and put a pastel color in the duvet cover (e.g. pale pink), playing with the cushions in the same tone but more marked.

The plaid or bedspread in this case can match the cushions or be chosen in a very light tone to match the pillows,

In any case, as in any other environment, if your room is small and does not have much light, it is best to dress the bed with light and neutral tones. In fact, a very relaxing option in the decoration of the master bedroom is to play with white, ecru and beige, without adding more color than a small plant.

use of textiles in the decoration of a master bedroom

If instead you have a large bedroom with a great source of natural light, you can be more risky and dress it with strong and flashy tones, although it is not usually the norm.

eye-catching textiles for the master bedroom

And if you are thinking about putting curtains, blinds or Japanese panels, do not hesitate. Even in the most minimalist and contemporary styles, light curtains will always give more warmth than a roller blind.


Accessories are the icing on the cake, the finishing touch in the decoration of a master bedroom.

Often there is a tendency to overload the rooms with accessories of many different types. However, to promote relaxation, it is better that the bedside tables, chests of drawers and walls are not too cluttered. The saying "few but well matched" applies in this case.

Accessories in the decoration of a double bedroom

In general, to find the balance between a variegated room and an empty one, the ideal is to use a painting or wall decoration, a rug for the floor, a table lamp on the chest of drawers accompanied by a set of small vases and a plant or flowers somewhere.

decoration of a double bedroom

If we also want to add a basket or basket to leave cushions or blankets at night or a couple of candles to accompany us on a romantic evening, even better.


Although it is in the last position on the list, it does not mean that it is the least important. On the contrary, a good or bad lighting can completely change the decoration of our master bedroom.

lighting in the master bedroom

The ideal in any room is to have good natural lighting. However, sometimes it is necessary to support it with artificial lighting.

In this sense, we will always have to ask ourselves:

General lighting that illuminates the entire room (usually a ceiling light, although it can also be a combination of several lamps in different areas of the bedroom switched on at the same time).

An ambient or focal light (usually on either side of the bed), which can be by hanging lamps, wall sconces or table lamps.

artificial lighting in the master bedroom

However, the master bedroom is special because there are times when more privacy is required.

In this case we can choose to place candles or floor lights, or a dimmable LED hidden behind a pit that allows us to regulate the light.

decoration of a double bedroom with candles

And for more feminine bedrooms, light garlands are an option that always looks good and adds a chic touch.

garlands to illuminate a double bedroom

For this coming year, the main trends in the decoration of a double bedroom do not differ from those of the rest of the house and among them we can identify the following:

Natural is still in fashion

Mediterranean and ecofriendly bedrooms, where white and beige tones and materials such as wicker, wood or rattan combined with natural textiles such as linen and cotton will continue to reign this coming year.

mediterranean and ecofriendly bedrooms

Yes to the grid

In line with the above, the grid will continue to make a strong impression on headboards, closets, bedside tables and chests of drawers, both in its more natural version and in its more...

use of natural grids in bedroom decoration combined with black or other dark colors for a more elegant touch.

elegant grilles in the decoration of a double bedroom

Gridded headboards

Art-Déco Details

The Art-Déco style is in fashion. It has not yet fully entered the masses, but everything will come, and in the meantime, small details will delight lovers of the happy 20s.

Padded headboards "michelin" type, golden geometric handles, translucent glass sconces or black rectangular screens ... Any small detail can be used to give a chic and trendy touch to our master bedroom.

art deco style for the decoration of a double bedroom

Nude, pale pink and cactus green shades

Ideal for transmitting an atmosphere of relaxation and rest, these three tones and in general all those with a powdery touch will continue to be the kings of the bedroom next year.

nude, pale pink and cactus green tones for the bedroom

Bouclé wool

It is the typical curly upholstery, usually in white-crimson color, that reminds us of sheepskin and that next year you will see it everywhere.

So, following the trend, the bedroom could not be less. We will find it especially in some blanket or cushion and, of course, in the typical armchair that often accompanies the bed.

bouclé wool in decoration

A moodboard, the best starting point to start decorating

If you've read this far, no doubt it's because you're thinking of giving your master bedroom decor a makeover and don't know where to start.

The most feasible and comfortable way is to make a moodboard, so at a quick glance we can see how all the elements will look like.

example of moodboard for decorating a double bedroom

The first thing to do is to start with an inspirational moodboard, taking pictures of rooms with the styles we like.

inspiration moodboard example

Having already chosen the style we want, the ideal would be to find what kind of materials and furniture we want and make a new moodboard to see how it would look as a whole.

example of moodboard by colors or materials

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