How to integrate wood in interior decoration

If there is one material that is particularly appreciated and valued in interior design, it is undoubtedly wood.

How to integrate wood in interior decoration

Warm, pleasant to the touch and sight, with infinite possibilities of cutting and application, no material has been able to replace it so far, although many imitate it with better or worse results.

Wood in interior design is one of the oldest materials and has gone through fashions throughout the ages, from the mahogany furniture and hardwood boiseries of yesteryear to the lighter, natural or untreated options that are so popular today.

The interesting thing about wood, apart from its ductility, is that it has so many tones and finishes that it can be used in all decorative styles, and it is probably safe to say that there is not a single house without at least one piece of this material, whether raw, varnished or painted.

But since a picture is worth a thousand words, let's take a tour of all those points in the interior where wood can appear to give us an idea of all its possibilities.


They are not exactly inexpensive, but a wood floor gives a plus of glamour to a home that is difficult to match.

However, being one of the most aesthetic materials for the floor, on the contrary, they are more delicate than other options, as they discolor in the sun, are scratched by furniture and if stains are not treated in time, they can penetrate without any possible repair.

Within the wooden floors there are infinite ways to place them, either in checkerboard, herringbone, forming various designs or placed straight, both in wide and thin planks.

Wood in interior decoration

Wood in interior decoration


Occasionally, wood can be found in the ceiling in the form of exposed beams that support the structure.

However, their beauty means that they are also sold loose in the form of large planks to be placed as if they were part of the overall structure.

Passage doors

The doors, in most cases, are almost always made of wood, either in their natural state or lacquered in different tones.

Depending on our style, be it rustic or modern, or the clarity we want to give and the tone of the house, we can choose between one or the other.

Natural wood interior doors

Colored interior doors

Chairs and tables

Moving on to the furniture, the dining table and chairs are elements where this material is like a fish in water.

Whether in natural or treated wood, with chairs, stools or long benches, wood will bring a warmth to this room worthy of all your guests.

However, in the case of chairs, they can be a little hard if you stay in them for a long time, so they are very common to combine wood legs and backrest and upholstered seat.

How to integrate wood into the decoration

Wooden dining tables

Coffee and side tables

The living area within the living room is another room most conducive to wood in interior design.

In addition to the legs of sofas and armchairs, it is mainly found on coffee tables and side tables, where it is a real eye-catcher.

Wooden coffee tables

Wooden side tables


In the bedroom we usually find wood in headboards and bedside tables.

Freestanding wooden headboards

Wooden tables

In the case of headboards, in addition to finding them free in stores, we can make them ourselves. Just get several strips, cut them with a laser cutting tool in wood to the height we want and voila, we will have a design headboard.

Headboards with wooden slats

Decorative panels

Another design element that we can use in wood are the decorative panels, a way to dress the walls without hanging pictures, either partially or completely covering the wall.

Decorative wood panels

Decorative wood panels

Sideboards and consoles

Whether in an entrance or in the living room, natural or lacquered, alone or combined with other materials such as iron, grille or brass, wood is present in sideboards and consoles of all kinds.

Wooden sideboards

How to integrate wood in interior decoration

Bathrooms and kitchens

With the rise of all things eco, natural and Mediterranean style, bathrooms and kitchens have not been immune to the influence of wood.

Therefore, today, we find the presence of this material both in furniture and in bathroom and kitchen countertops, either by using woods suitable for outdoor use such as teak or sirocco and therefore prepared against humidity, or by protecting them with a special varnish.

Room dividers

Another vital point where wood is often present is in the lattices that act as room dividers or stair railings.

Usually carved or milled, they are usually made with spectacular designs that make them a decorative as well as a functional element.

How to integrate wood in interior decoration

Wood in interior design

Closets and dressing rooms

The doors and sides of the cabinets are also ideal breeding grounds for the presence of wood. In the interior, cheaper materials such as melamine are usually used, but on the exterior, wood adds a lot of presence, whether in a rustic or modern version.

Wood in interior design

Wood in interior design

Shelves and shelves

Another vital point where wood has a strong presence is on the shelves.

Whether in natural or treated wood, light or dark, thinner or thicker, in the kitchen or in the living room, shelves will provide warmth as well as storage.

Wood in interior design

Wood in interior design

Letters, frames, mirrors and other accessories

Finally, another vital point where wood can go is in the accessories. Exempt letters, photo frames, mirrors with wooden borders, little boxes... Infinite possibilities to buy them or make them ourselves.

Wood in interior design

Wood in interior design

Wood in interior design

Children's world

Children's rooms are of course other rooms where wood can be present in various forms.

Small pieces of furniture in the shape of animals or nature, decorative wall elements, shelves or small coat racks will delight the little ones.

Wood in interior design

Wood in interior design

As you can see, wood is probably the material with more visual presence in any home and we can choose multiple decorative options according to each style and preferences.

We hope you were able to get lots of ideas and long live the wood!

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