Decorative mistakes you discovered during the confinement and now it's time to solve them.

Although we are now able to go out and reconnect with our loved ones and friends, having spent so many days at home has made us reflect. Surely you have noticed aspects that have not made you feel comfortable or that have not quite fit in. We are talking about those decorative mistakes that you have discovered during your confinement and now it is time to solve them. It is possible that some of them have been on your mind for a long time, while others had not caught your attention until now, but you feel that you must do something to correct them. In this list you may find them.

Decorative mistakes you discovered during the confinement and now it's time to solve them.

You have ended up being overwhelmed with so many pictures or maybe you think that your living room is a little bland. Maybe the problem is that the furniture is too big or that the windows don't let the light in.

Too many pictures on the walls - We all like to fill the house with memories. Walls are the best canvas, but if you had them too covered, you may have felt overwhelmed. Make a selection so they don't look so cluttered.

pictures in the living room

White living rooms too cold - Total white is a Nordic trend in vogue. However, so many days surrounded by that pristine white has made you see your home as a laboratory. You can go for neutrals, but introduce touches of warmth.

black and white living room

Furniture that is too big - There is nothing like not being able to leave the house to realize that something is wrong with the furniture. A sofa that is too bulky or a coffee table that is too large spoil the whole and make it difficult to walk through the living room.

large coffee table

Among the decorative mistakes you have discovered during confinement may be the lack of natural light, the need for a more comfortable bed or accessories you no longer need.

Windows that don't let light in - If the curtains that cover your windows are too thick, you will have missed the sun's rays, even more if you don't have a space open to the outside. It's time to go for translucent fabrics.

living room windows

Beds that don't invite sleep - Insomnia has crept into many a bedroom during the forties. A pallet frame may look great on Instagram, but for all practical purposes, it's not the best idea for your back. Plus, you lose valuable storage space.

pallet bed

Decorative objects that are superfluous - The post-confinement decoration imposes spaces cleared of superfluous elements. That mirror in your bedroom seemed like a good idea, but the way it is placed not only does not fulfill its function, but it is also annoying.

mirror in the bedroom

You may be tired of seeing that flashy wallpaper or that dance of patterns. In your children's room, you've probably also discovered certain shortcomings.

Visually heavy wallpaper - This wallpaper is all the rage and looks great, but after three months of living with it 24 hours a day, it's worn you out. You may need to remove it altogether or limit it to a small area.

classic wallpaper

Unsuccessful combination of prints - Playing with prints is fun, but you have to have some expertise to get it right. In the children's room they are a great resource, but the idea is to stimulate their creativity, not to make them hysterical.

prints youth room

Room for sleeping and studying - We adults have had to move the office home, and the kids have had to move school. The homescholling that the youngest members of the household have been forced to undergo has highlighted the fact that their bedrooms were not ready.

student room

Other decorative mistakes that have caught your attention in the confinement have to do with bathroom and kitchen storage. There's nothing a few well-organized drawers won't solve.

Bathrooms full of personal belongings - All your toiletries and cosmetic products on display in the bathroom don't give off a very good vibe. If you're short on drawers, wicker boxes and glass jars are great alternatives.

organization in the bathroom

Cookware under the hood - If you have a counter with cooking utensils under the exhaust fan and during quarantine you've been cooking, you've already realized that it's a bad idea. The pots and pans get greasy. Better put them somewhere else.

stove hood pots and pans

Overloaded kitchen countertops - Plants in the kitchen look great, but there's no question of turning the kitchen into a nursery. Also, try to find a covered place for cleaning supplies and remove them from above the sink.

kitchen plants

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